October 27, 2021

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Growing Globally

Since entering the industry, Sthill Converting Equipments has continuously improved customer relations in the global market and currently exports its products/services to more than 50

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New Roller Bearing Friction Rings

“New Roller Bearing friction rings from Sthill : long-lasting, smooth winding!” “With the ‘roller bearing friction rings’ of ours that the design process’ is over;

Sthill News

Kaizen Training

“We continue our Kaizen training, which is the main source of the continuous improvement process that we have implemented, in order to proceed with confident

Sthill News

Reymak Orientation Trainings

“Reymak Orientation Trainings” continue in order to facilitate the adaptation process of our employees and help them easily adopt our company culture.”

Sthill News

International Trademark Registration

Sthill Converting successfully obtained international trademark registration in 7th and 35th grades. We happily announce this to our valued customers, employees and business partners.