Sales & Marketing

Sthill Reymak Machinery Trade Department has the ability to analyze customer orders and requests in the most accurate way and to respond to the demands of offers as soon as possible. Our trade department employees work in harmony with the R & D department to develop solutions for the needs of our customers spread over 4 continents. In this direction, the trade department responses to requests for technical drawings, technical information, design, technical observation and samples in the fastest and most correct way. Our export team has adopted solution and customer orientation as a working principle.

In 50 countries, we offer solutions to our customers, including OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), within the Converting Industry. Our trade department has adopted the customer-oriented service approach with its technical knowledge, the ability to carry out the operations as soon as possible, to be solution-oriented and to provide different suggestions by understanding the customer expectations in the most accurate way..

Exports more than 50 countries and numerous OEM are also included in our customer portfolio customer portfolio


Germany, Spain, England, Austria...etc.

North America

USA, Canada...etc.


China, Taiwan, India...etc.